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Patient Resources

Amylin's innovative therapies can be part of a treatment plan including healthy diets, regular exercise, and weight control. Amylin also recognizes the value of education and other support programs that help people better understand and manage their diabetes. The following are a few of the patient resources and advocacy groups offering support.


SYMLIN Support ProgramSM

Patient Assistance Programs

Amylin Product Customer Support Center

(800) 868-1190

Disposal of Needles

Place used needles in a closeable, puncture-resistant container. You may use a sharps container (such as a red biohazard container), a hard plastic container (such as a detergent bottle), or a metal container (such as an empty coffee can). Ask your healthcare provider for instructions on the right way to throw away (dispose of) your used pens and the container. There may be state and local laws about how you should throw away used pens and needles. Do not throw the disposal container in the household trash. Do not recycle. For additional information you may contact the Coalition for Safe Community Needle Disposal at 800-643-1643 or

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Diabetes Resources